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Regular Volunteer Opportunities -

  • License Plate Reader Vehicle & Neighborhood Deployment Vehicle - Available Daily*




  • Citizen Fingerprinting - Police Station Lobby  -   Every Thursday  7:00PM - 9:00PM




  • Jail Duty Volunteering  -  Every Saturday - 6:30PM - 10:30PM (2 shifts)


  • Sky Watch Opportunities - Various Locations and Dates


* The License Plate Reader (LPR) & Neighborhood Deployment (ND) Units can be driven by MCPAAA members that have completed the City of Mesquite volunteer driver application process, and the LPR and ND training.  If you have not completed one or both of these items, you can still ride along with other members that are qualified to drive the LPR and ND Units.  Please contact Barbara Dunn for more information.